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Sensenig's Policies

Delivery - If your order is between 500 and 999 Lbs. it is a 10 dollar delivery charge. 


Anything 1000 Lbs. and up is no charge.


We do not have any specific days we deliver to an area, we just ask for a few days notice when you call.


Weighing Charges – If you want your custom mix weighed out in 100 lb. bags it cost 50 cents per bag weighed.  If you want your custom weighed out in 50 lb. bags it cost 50 cents per bag weighed.


Bags – Bags that qualify for a discount get 50 Cents off per bag when your total order is 3 ton and above.


Mixing Charges – Custom Mixes between 1,000 - 1,499 Lbs. = $ 6.00 (We do not make custom mixes under 1000 Lbs.)


Same Day Charge – If you call an order in and need it delivered the same day you call, you will be charged $20. This charge also applies if we must deliver to a farm multiple times in the same week. Calls on Friday for Friday or Saturday are included on the Same Day Charge.


Terms Discounts –    2 % Statement,    3 % Fifteen Days,   4 % Pre Pay