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equine-horse-feed-and-grain   Equine Feed
dairy-and-livestock-feed   Dairy Feed
poultry-chicken-feed   Poultry Feed
deer-foods   Deer Feed
pet-food   Pet Food
sheep-and-goat-feed   Sheep and Goat Feed
swine-food   Swine Feed
turkey-and-poultry-food   Turkey and Bird Food
rabbit-and-guinea-pig-food   Rabbit and Guinea Pig Food

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sensening-feed-mill-policiesSensenig's Feed Mill Policies.pdf

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Shelled Corn
Cracked Corn
Flaked Toasted Corn
Ground Corn
Crimped Oats
Recleaned Oats
Distiller Grains
Wheat Middlings
Flaked Toasted Soybeans
Soybean Meal
Soybean Hull Pellets




At Sensenig's we stock three Horse mixes that
are always available. Plenty of customers get custom mixes designed for whatever their horse may need.

Equine Mixes

Sensenig's Original 12% Sweet Horse Feed
Sensenig's "Econo" 12% Sweet Horse Feed

Sensenig's Hi-Fat Horse Feed
Patriot 16% Junior Horse Pellets
Patriot Senior Horse Pellets

Equine Minerals

Grostrong Horse Mineral (50 & 25 Lb. Bags)
Grostrong Horse Quad Block
Grostrong Horse Solid Block
Horse Mineral Tub – 100 Lbs.

Other Equine Products
Sensenig's Horse Conc. Pellets
Pro – Grower Rice Bran
32% Mare & Foal Conc.
Moor Glo Horse Pellets
Senior Glo Horse Pellets
Junior Glo Horse Pellets
Healthy Glo Nuggets
Apple Horse Treats (25 & 3 Lb. Bags)
Shredded Beet Pulp
Calf Manna Pellets
Plain Salt Blocks/Bricks
Trace Mineral Salt Blocks/Bricks
Wood Shavings

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We custom mix our complete dairy feeds and our

dairy concentrates, but we also have a complete mix

and concentrate mix we stock here. We have plenty

of dairy additives and specialty products listed here
as well. If you have any questions on any of them

give our office a call.

Stock Dairy Mixes

14% Flaked Pelleted Dairy
38% Dairy Conc. Meal

Calf Feeds

Sensenig's Calf Starter/Grower
22% Calf Starter Pellets
18% Calf Grower Pellets


Dairy Concentrates
Aminotek 21% Mixer Pellets
Dairy Master 35% Conc. Pellets
Optiboost Supplement
Super Mixer 31% Conc. Meal
48% Ultra Bypass Conc. Meal


Dairy Additives
Ultra One
Breeder Boost
Biofix Plus


Heifer Feeds

15% Heifer Complete
16% Heifer One Shot
30% Heifer Conc.
40% Heifer Conc.
Heifer Mineral with Bovatec
16% Heifer Mineral Tub


Dry Cow Feeds
16% Dry Cow Balancer
DCAD Complete
Transition Starter Pak
Dry Cow Mineral
28% Dry Cow Mineral Tub

Calf Milk Replacers

20/21 Milk Replacer
28/18 Powermax Milk Replacer


Dairy Minerals
Mineral Mixer 9
Mineral Mixer 16
Sensenig Mill Premix


Dairy Topdress
Sensenig's HiPeak Topdress

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Chicken Feeds

17% Layer Mash / Crumbles / Pellets
18% Pullet Builder
Scratch Feed
COR Layer Conc. Meal
Chick Starter/Grower
Oyster Shells
Starter / Grower / Developer Grit

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Sensenig's Deer & Elk Conc. Pellets
Fawn Starter Pellets
Deer Mineral Block
Deer Mineral Tub – 100 Lbs.
Rack Plus Deer Mineral
Sweet Apple Deer Lick
Deer Manna Mix

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Paws Hi-Pro 26/11 Dog Food
Paws Performance 27/18 Dog Food
Paws 28/12 Puppy Food


Paws 31.5/11 Cat & Kitten Food

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Goats & Sheep

Meat Goat 16% Pellets
Meat Goat 18% Pellets
Goat Power Mineral
Goat Power 22% "Red" Block
21% Goat Mineral Tub
Texturized 16% Sheep Feed
Sheep Mineral
Sheep 22% "Red" Block
21% Sheep Mineral Tub

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Pig Starter Pellets
Pig Grower Pellets
Hog Finisher Pellets
Pigmaster Mineral

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Turkeys & Birds

Turkey Starter Crumbles
Turkey Grower Pellets
Black Oil Sunflower Seed (25 & 50 Lb. Bags)
Wild Bird Seed (25 & 50 Lb. Bags)
Pigeon Feed
Pigeon Grit

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Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Rabbit Pellets (25 & 50 Lb. Bags)
Guinea Pig Pellets – 50 Lb. Bags


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