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Not Your 'Run of The Mill' Mill

Sensenig's Feed Mill has almost any type of feed you feed

are looking for. We have complete feeds, minerals,

concentrates and more. Whether you need feed for

your pet rabbit, or have a dairy or horse operation,

we will meet your needs. We also do plenty of custom

mixing and custom pelleting for customers that want

something a little different. Our goal is simple, to

provide our customers with a quality product and

quality service. Whether it is our sales staff, mixers, or

truck drivers, we want your feed to be exactly what you

want. You can pick up feed at our mill which is convenie-

ntly located a block from New Holland Sales Stables.

We also deliver feed in bags as well as bulk. Feel free to
give our office a call if you have any questions on our
products or prices. We hope to serve you in the near future.

Preparing to load grain
Close up of Sensenig Feed Mill loaded up
Sensenig Feed Mill Truck is closed tightly